From the streets of Nepal to the countless slums in India to the vast amount of cities around the world, over 50 million people are trafficked every year.  Over 10.1 million are under the age of 18. For such a time as this, we are here to make a difference.


Boys Rescued

Girls Rescued

Children at risk (Rescued)


Earthquakes leave families desperate and vulnerable, amplifying the risk of exploitation. Shockingly, up to 7,000 Nepali girls are trafficked to India each year, underscoring the critical need for intervention.


1 million Nepali children were left at risk of hunger, exposure, disease, and child trafficking after the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes.


The 2015 earthquake obliterated 24,000 classrooms, depriving countless students of their education—their sole lifeline to break free from poverty.

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World Missions Outreach is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization registered in the United States. Your generous financial support helps us to carry out our mission to empower the women and children of Nepal and make a difference in these precious lives.

Who Are We

WMOO is dedicated to promoting the welfare and well-being of the people of Nepal, an ancient mountain country devastated by earthquakes and dire poverty. We’re committed to serving the most vulnerable of the Nepalese: orphans and victims of human trafficking. By providing them a home, a surrogate family, and a quality education, these little ones can escape poverty and give Nepal a bright future.

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Slavery lives on in the form of human trafficking.

Thousands of Nepali girls and boys are kidnapped or tricked into forced servitude and sexual exploitation. With the help of local authorities, we rescue these young victims and arrange for them to be reunited with their families. If they have no family, we provide them a home and offer vocational training opportunities to prepare them for life.

Children’s Homes

The terror of recent earthquakes in Nepal created many more homeless orphans. Others are abandoned by their parents, who simply don’t have the means to care for their children. We provide them a stable home, surround them with loving staff and volunteers, and give them the emotional support they need to recover.


The children we rescue today are the leaders who’ll rescue Nepal tomorrow.

With the right education, these children can grow to become economic and social leaders who can lift Nepal out of poverty.

City of Refuge

The City of Refuge is WMOO’s capital building project to provide the orphans in WMOO’s care with a quality living space in which to grow, learn, and play.

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Please help us make a difference in the lives of our friends in Nepal. Please make a donation today to give them hope for a tomorrow.

Making A Difference One Piece at a Time

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