City of Refuge

Over 8,000 died in the 2015 earthquake… 32,000 classrooms destroyed… 900,000 homes leveled.

1 million Nepali children were left hungry, exposed to the elements, sick, and vulnerable to human traffickers.

“Nepal is located in a geographic region prone to natural disasters. Loss of lives and property are a regular phenomenon…”

Nepal Centre for Disaster Management

The first earthquake hit Nepal April 25, 2015 with a magnitude of 7.8. Another struck the recovering nation May 12, 2015 with a magnitude of 7.3. These disasters, and the ensuing 445 aftershocks, set the country back from whatever progress they had made towards economic stability and educational reform.

The loss of life and property from earthquakes make desperate families all the more desperate…

…and vulnerable.

Up to 7,000 Nepali girls are trafficked to India alone each year.

– Trafficking of Children for Prostitution and the UNICEF Response

They need a City of Refuge.

The City of Refuge is a major capital building project which involves acquisition of land and building infrastructures to house the growing number of fatherless children.

This facility will provide…

  • A secure home without a landlord who might evict them at any time
  • More stability than up and down rental prices
  • Room to play safely outside
  • Sanitary toilet facilities
  • A bed for each child
  • Separate halls and floors for girls and boys
  • Safety from human traffickers
  • Education and literacy classes

You stand for something. Give them something to stand on.

It only takes a simple step.

Please write “City of Refuge” in the comments box when you make your gift.

Thank you for joining us in giving the most vulnerable of the Nepalese people something to stand on. Your gift today will transform the lives of orphaned, displaced children and give them hope.

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