In a global economy, knowledge is the way out of poverty.


Currently, only 57.4% of Nepalese adults can read.

Despite hopeful progress being made in recent years, Nepal’s population still struggles to read, putting the people at a severe disadvantage.

Those who can’t read find it hard to secure better jobs in the city, trade in the global market, or even enroll their children in school.

They’re literally cut off from the world, isolated to their impoverished life.

A full third of Nepal’s children go to work instead of school.

UNICEF reports that child labor rates in Nepal are at a staggering 33.9%. Without money or food, these families are forced to send their children to work instead of school.

But this only keeps the cycle of poverty spinning.

As long as poverty continues to grip the country, Nepal’s orphan population will rise and the crimes of the human trafficking will increase.


Manasseh Foundation: Education is a powerful tool to combat poverty and oppression.

Manasseh Foundation provides a safe house for children who maybe at HIGH RISK of being trafficked, sexual exploitation and early childhood marriages. WMOO is committed to enriching children through education year-round.

Be a part of the education team.

By making a donation to WMOO’s Education initiative, you’re giving them a solid foundation they can build on for the rest of their lives.

You stand for something. Give them something to stand on.

It only takes a simple step.

Please write “City of Refuge” in the comments box when you make your gift.

Thank you for joining us in giving the most vulnerable of the Nepalese people something to stand on. Your gift today will transform the lives of orphaned, displaced children and give them hope.

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