Anti-Human Trafficking: Nepal and North East India

Transnational Border Monitoring

The open borders make it a fertile ground for perpetrators to transport vulnerable girls and boys with the promises of good paying jobs abroad. The lack of employment & education opportunities are the root causes of human trafficking in South Asia.


 With our anti-human trafficking border monitoring initiative, we have been very successful in
intercepting vulnerable girls and boys from being trafficked.


He was her knight in shining armor. It all seemed too good to be true.

Although they loved her immensely, Bimala’s family struggled to provide for her and her siblings. At just 17 years of age, Bimala was given away to a man full of promises.

Rarely are human trafficking victims forcibly kidnapped. Most victims are deceived by empty promises of a better life.

Bimala’s “knight” whisked her away to a distant city to live with him. But what she discovered there made her sick.
The man was married… and had a child.

Bimala was nothing more than a live-in mistress. The man’s wife hated Bimala and physically abused her.
To escape the tiresome fights, the man told Bimala he’d found a job for her in India.


What is a life worth? For Sushila, it was just $2,000.

That is the price a family “friend” paid Sushila’s parents with the promise their 12-year-old daughter would have a good life working for a rich family in India. The payment was “good faith” that Sushila would be sending ample support for her mother and father in a poor village in northeast Nepal. It was, of course, too good to be true.

Sushila found herself in what turned out to be a brothel in Kochbihar, West Bengal-India living in a large house with women of all ages. At first, she was treated nicely as her owners groomed her by enticing her with new clothes, makeup and good food to eat. Gaining her trust and compliance, their true intent became known as Sushila was raped up to 10 times a night by the men who paid her captors for sex.

Confused and angry that she and her family had been taken advantage of, Sushila rebelled many times, refusing to entertain her “guests.” She was severely punished with beatings and starvation for days at a time. To dehumanize her further, her owners moved her from brothel to brothel, each one worse than the one before, until Sushila was forced—mind, body and spirit–into total submission.

With no hope of a future and the brutal conditions of the brothel wearing down her tiny body, Sushila was always looking for a way of escape. Her heart told her she was not a slave and she was right. Jesus saw her and brought the freedom fighters of WMOO to liberate her from her chains. Now 15, she was rescued, redeemed and repatriated back to Nepal on October 11, 2021—a day to celebrate for both Sushila and the Kingdom of God.

The horrors of sex slavery must end! The women, girls and boys of Nepal should be safe and free—not grist for the mill of the world sex industry as they have been for so many years. With your generous support, we can not only free children like Sushila from slavery and give them a new life, we can prosecute their traffickers (in the nation of Nepal) as well as prevent these boys and girls from ever becoming slaves through our Bridge Intervention Teams.

When you partner with WMOO, you are rescuing the world’s most vulnerable women and children, so please give generously as your support has eternal rewards for you and for them!

Up to 7,000 Nepali girls are trafficked to India alone each year and are forced into domestic slavery or used as sex slaves. Almost all of them are promised “good paying jobs.”

Heartbroken, lonely, and scared, Bimala went with the man. They arrived to the border town and were about to cross into India.

That’s when our rescue team saw them.

Our team is trained to spot suspicious activity like young girls crossing into India alone, or, in this case, a young girl crossing into India with two men.

The team apprehended them and upon questioning the men found out their plan to sell Bimala in India.

Bimala was rescued from slavery just minutes before crossing the border.

The rescue team brought her to WMOO’s transit home on the border to rest and recuperate from her trauma.
WMOO volunteers and staff counseled Bimala through the emotional turmoil and educated her on how to defend herself from human trafficking.

When we located Bimala’s family, they were desperately searching for her. They came as soon as they could to the border town and brought Bimala safely home.

Be a part of the rescue team.

Every week, Nepalese girls are seduced and sold into the slave market. Many are sent to India, others to Europe, still others to the Middle East. Only those saved by rescue teams watching the borders make it back to their families.

You can save precious Nepalese lives caught in the grip of oppression by joining our rescue team through a gift.

Your donation of any size today will help stop the injustices happening to these vulnerable young girls by providing beds, food, and other necessities they need while we find their anxiously waiting families.

You stand for something. Give them something to stand on.

It only takes a simple step.

Please write “City of Refuge” in the comments box when you make your gift.

Thank you for joining us in giving the most vulnerable of the Nepalese people something to stand on. Your gift today will transform the lives of orphaned, displaced children and give them hope.

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