These women and children are the future of Nepal, but their future is bleak.

In addition to the children abandoned due to poverty, 1 million Nepali children were left at risk of hunger, exposure, disease, and child trafficking after the 2015 Nepal Earthquakes.

The mother gave up Marcus to the lady who had rescued him. Marcus soon found his way to one of  the WMOO supported children’s homes.

No one knows the whereabouts of Marcus’ mother or father, but now he’s surrounded by loving adults, playful brothers and sisters, has a safe, warm bed to sleep in every night and is receiving an education.

Today, Marcus is growing and doing remarkably well. He is the youngest child in the home and gets the attention from everyone.

You can help children like Marcus escape a life of poverty, or even death, by supporting our orphan care program at WMOO.

Help them feel that they are loved, wanted, and cared for. They’re not a burden or an accident!

When you give a gift to WMOO’s orphan care program, you’re giving children without hope or future the chance to live in a home with people who care about them, go to school, and get proper nutrition every day.

You’re giving them another chance at the life every little boy and girl deserves in this world.



Ruel was born in a remote village located near Tibet border.  When Ruel was barely 8 months old, he lost both his mother and father in a traumatic incident.  His mother was a victim of domestic abuse which ultimately took her life in the hand of her husband.  Ruel’s father, after killing the wife, he took his own life, leaving behind Ruel.

He is now 11 years old and going to a local school.  He lives with his adoptive family who took him in as their own shortly after the tragic event in his very young life.  At age 5, Ruel was diagnosed having a birth defect that caused a hole in the heart.  Recently, he underwent a heart surgery to correct this defect. 

Ruel loves music and wants to learn to play guitar.   



Our beautiful Lydia is 12 years old.  She was born into a very impoverished home.  When Lydia was just a toddler, her mother succumbed to tuberculosis and lost her life.  Her father’s whereabouts are unknown.  Lydia spent most of her young life with her grandmother until her grandmother was unable to care for her. 

Lydia is now with her adoptive family and happily going to school and learning new things. 

You stand for something. Give them something to stand on.

It only takes a simple step.

Please write “City of Refuge” in the comments box when you make your gift.

Thank you for joining us in giving the most vulnerable of the Nepalese people something to stand on. Your gift today will transform the lives of orphaned, displaced children and give them hope.

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